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We print labels either in rolls or in sheets, on various materials (paper, polypropylene etc.)

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Do you need printed labels? We print them fast!

​PLUSPRINT is the supplier that can help you print labels in rolls or in sheets, with very good prices.

Whether you need big, medium or small quantities, we will serve you just as well, and we'll print as much as you need. 
Premium quality labels, with fast delivery!

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​new equipment 
latest technology
top quality

​digital printing
laser cutting

We have all necessary machines for the production of almost all types of labels

  • We offer design services

  • Production time: 2-3 days
  • Delivery by courier to your place 
  • Premium quality
Advantages for you
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self adhesive personalised labels

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An original, esthetically pleasing label, will be easily seen on the shop shelf, and will make your product have a greater visibility among other products. 
This translates into greater sales for your products.

We print personalized labels for many industries: foods, cosmetics, beverages,  pharmaceutical, electronics, chemical products, etc.  

PlusPrint printing house helps you with printing and delivering your labels in a short time, and also with the design of the labels.

types of labels
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why should you order your personalised labels at plusprint?

As soon as we have your order for labels with all the required details for print, we will print them fast and we will send them by courier to you in the shortest time. If the labels have additional finishing options, it will take a couple of days more. We are one of the printing houses with the shortest delivery time.

short production time: 1-3 days

We are not a reseller website, we are a production company, We have all necessary equipment for label production, which means your order will be completely made in-house, with great efficiency and with premium quality

all necessary equipment

All contour cutting is done by laser in our printing house, so we do not waste precious time and money for die-cutting shapes.
We have a new generation laser cutting machine, which cuts the labels very accurately, and with great speed.

​laser contour cutting

​​​Time is precious and there is no time to be wasted on transport. After the production is finished, the next day we will send the labels to you. It doesn't matter where you are, we will deliver your order to your location in any European city, by fast courier.  The delivery takes 2-3 days, depending on your location. 

Door to Door delivery for your print orders

We take online orders, or by email / phone. 
All you need is an internet connection to place an order to us. When you place an order on the website, please write all requirements for print and delivery. You can also call us or write to us by mail/whatsapp for any other information regarding your order for labels. It is simple.

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We print exactly what you need. We offer various finishing options for your labels, such as: glossy or matte lamination​, 3D UV Varnish, metallic foil, emossing, variable data, or any combination of these options, so that your labels will be exactly as you want them to be.

Premium quality labels
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some of the labels printed by us

Here are just some of the many labels that we print for your customers.

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When you need labels, flyers, books, catalogues, posters, naprons, printed boxes, PLUSPRINT will help you with very good services. 

We offer good prices and short delivery time. We also offer advice on how to design and manufacture you products so that they have the best quality.

Besides the printed products, we offer various services for our customers, so that their work for ordering printed products is easier and less time consuming, and thus they have more time to focus on their business.

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